• Max Plauth, Keynote Talk – Scalable and Secure Infrastructures for Cloud Operations – SSICLOPS, OpenStack DACH Day 2016
  • Guiseppe Leiteri, Invited Talk at IRISA/Technicolor in Rennes, France on 1st February, 2017 – PSPAT: software packet scheduling at hardware speed
  • Peer Hasselmeyer, Invited Speaker – Realizing Stateful Flow Processing with Forwarding Tables and In-Switch-Generated Messages, NEAF-IO 17 Workshop
  • Oliver Hohlfeld, Keynote Speaker – Quality of Experience Demystified, SIGCOMM 2017  (Internet-QoE 2017)
  • Peer Hasselmeyer, Invited Talk – Cloud Federation, Gridka School
  • Gerhard Hasslinger, Invited Talk – Caching for Content Delivery and Cloud Services: Use Cases, Caching Strategies and Performance Evaluation, MMBnet 2017
  • Michio Honda , Guiseppe Leitteri, Invited Talk – Extending Linux Network Stack for Persistent Memory, NetDev 2.2 Conference